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Alizé Utteryn is a dynamic personality known for her TV/Radio interviews, where she passionately discusses various initiatives aimed at promoting humanity, entrepreneurship, business, and networking. With an unwavering commitment to uplifting others, Alizé engages in thought-provoking conversations that inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact. Her interviews shed light on diverse topics, from social entrepreneurship to personal development, providing valuable insights and actionable advice. Alizé's dedication to fostering meaningful connections and empowering individuals is evident in her engaging interviews, making her an influential figure in the world of media and entrepreneurship. To delve deeper into her work, explore her extensive portfolio of TV/Radio interviews and discover the transformative power of her initiatives.

Céline Boura, fondatrice de l'agence et du blog LE LUXE D'ÊTRE SOI interviewe.Alizé Utteryn, rédactrice en chef d'AlizéLaVie, magazine artistique et culturel bilingue basé à New York.

Interview par Céline Boura- LE LUXE D'ÊTRE SOI
Alizé Utteryn par Céline Boura LE LUXE D'ÊTRE SOI

Le 25/10/2014 s'est déroulé la 1ere edition #TEDxCayenne​, au Cinéma Eldorado "A la croisée des chemins", une belle édition, riche d'émotion, avec des speakers et une équipe époustouflante. Alize Utteyn l'une des speakers a pu partage son parcours.

TeDex Cayenne Participation
Alizé Utteryn -A Media Entrepreneur at Tedx

In May of 2016, Alizé LaVie hosted a historic trip which brought 57 first year EGC Martinique & French Guiana Business School students to New York, for an cultural experience of a lifetime!

UrbanWallStreet Mini documentary (New York) International Mission EGC (English subtitles)
Alizé Utteryn in Urban WallStreet Mini documentary

CEO of AlizéLaVie shared her story, entrepreneurial journey as young black french woman from Paris starting from scratch in the US to become a role model inspiring young people.

Interview with TV host Cynthia Ashley Broken But Restored
Alizé Utteryn -A Media Entrepreneur, Broken but Restored
Portrait d'Alizé Utteryn par ETV Network
Alizé Utteryn -A Media Entrepreneur
Interview on Life In A Minor with CHAR GIBBS
Alizé Utteryn Interview on Life In A Minor with CHAR GIBBS

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